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1998 Audi A8 Review, Sbanovic

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 Model of the car:Audi
 General comments:I purchased my A8 from a locacl BMW dealership who didn't hesitate to give the car away. One of the headlights wasn't functioning so I promptly took the vehicle in for repairs at the Houston Advantage Audi dealership. The auto was looked over and they stated the headlight ignitor was out and it would cost 450.00 to replace plus 200.00 for the bulb as well. The inept boobs failed to test either and after sending to a European auto repair shop, they quickly determined the bulb was out and provided the same bulb Audi was offering for 142.00. These autos are great to drive but as previous owners stated, Audi service SUCKS.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Audi service, costly parts, not for your typical mechanic to work on
 Previous car:BMW 745i Mercedes S500 VW Phaeton

Review 1998 Audi A8 Sbanovic
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